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Sandblasting abrasive

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With the development of the Sandblasting abrasive, it is applying more and more fields and has been widely used in mechanical manufacture, instruments and meters, medical equipment, electronic appliances, textile machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, ceramics, handicrafts, machinery repair and so on . As the main abrasive of sandblasting, the pomegranate sand has also been developed, and it is becoming more and more popular in many industries.


Sandblasting abrasives are various but the really ideal sandblasting abrasive must meet the following conditions: higher mold hardness of the abrasive, edges and corners, good thermal stability,and there must be rich mineral resources. So a good sandblasting abrasive is not only hard with texture, but also tough and sharp.  So as to get a better cutting effect, at the same time the original ore has to widely distribute, so the price is more economic. Just the garnet abrasive can meet these conditions very well.


Ruichi mining garnet sand sandblasting abrasive can realize the unusual cutting speed and uniformity of surface roughness, can easily achieve SA2.5 - SA3 high-grade sandblasting effect, harmless to the human body and environment, product cost performance is relatively cheap, price is significantly higher than the currently used slag (nickel copper slag, slag, coal slag), silica, traditional abrasive olive sand, sand etc.



Excellent surface cleaning effect of excellent surface cleaning.


Ruich sandblast abrasive is able to penetrate holes and uneven parts to clean, thoroughly remove oxidized skin, rust, soluble salt and other contaminants. Sandblasting the surface treated without insert, no unfavorable convex pointed and potholes, easily get clear SA3 highest level, the surface roughness can reach 30-80 microns, achieve better coating adhesion and longer service life.


Especially suitable for outdoor sandblasting treatment especially for outdoor sandblasting.


It is especially suitable for the field of outdoor sand blasting. When to sandblasting facilities or equipment has been installed, can't again into parts to sandblast room is removed for cleaning, need a can in the field of sandblasting abrasive: sand blasting effect at the same time, require less dust, harmless to the human body and environment, and the price is relatively cheap. It is the best blasting abrasive for metal surface treatment in outdoor anticorrosion engineering.