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Water knife sand

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Ruichi mining water knife sand is with the hard particles and widely used in the field of water knife cutting, after ten years of development rich brand has a good reputation in the industry. Here are the introduction of Ruichi water knife:



1、Ruichi water knife sand is cost-effective.

 Ruichi mineral water knife sand can greatly reduce the medium sand tube plug phenomenon in the water knife cutting process due to the great hardness,  good processing technology, very little dust inside.Mineral water knife sand production cutting engineering cost is low, the used up sand can be collected to reuse because of the small hardness damage to reduce the cost of the material and the customer cost of abrasive.

2. Ruichi water knife sand is good for environmental protection.

Our water knife sand does not contain free silicon, heavy metals and other harmful ingredients, no radioactivity, no health or environmental risks. Water knife sand in the process of machining have been washed many times, makes every effort to minimize dust content of the sand, there won’t be cutting dust in the process, protecting the construction personnel and the natural environment. 

3. Water knife sand is widely used.

Ruichi mining water knife sand not only used in the field of water cut, is also widely used in the field of sandblasting derusting, As the sandblasting abrasive, water knife sand do not destroy all the materials which are sandblasted due to its suitable hardness. Almost all the surface of the material can be used for pretreatment, so it gradually replace the traditional sandblasting abrasive and water knife sand is becoming the mainstream in the field of abrasive.