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Water treatment filter

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Water treatment filter:

Along with the people environmental protection consciousness of ascension, more and more attention paid to water treatment problems. Due to the growing scarcity of water resources and serious pollution, both from the perspective of enterprise cost and the development of social environmental protection requirements, to industrial, commercial, the life water filters have become very necessary. Water treatment filter material is emerging in recent years, is a kind of heavy medium filter material for water, both in life and filtering effect is better than the quartz sand, magnetite filter material, etc.



Water treatment filter material quality of a material is solid, mohs hardness can be up to 7-8, and toughness is very good, can achieve multiple reuse, water treatment filter material and uniform particles stacking density is big, after can form good porosity, provides the setting of suspended particles large capacity space. Combined with the characteristics of the water treatment filter material than major, as heavy medium filter, water treatment, can withstand the flushing pressure significantly better than traditional filter material such as quartz sand, magnetite, run material and will not happen.

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