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Garnet abrasive is a green and safe abrasive.

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With the rapid development of China's economy, both urban and rural areas have great investment in infrastructure construction. Especially in transportation, whether it is new or different kinds of road surface renovation and so on also has a large market. In this work, clear road signs, such as yellow line zebra crossing is crucial, because it is to remove not thoroughly, in the night light or damp environment, it's easy to let the driver thought the old line still exists, the driver's driving misleading, for traffic safety and traffic control is very bad. And the choice of improper cleaning methods may also affect the greening. With the development of new technology, the application of water jet washing in gaza has become more and more widespread.

By the way, of course, it's better to clean the water jet. Because the water jet has a strong impact force and cutting force, it can be directly penetrated into the asphalt pore to clear the marking paint. The cleaned road not only has no trace paint residue, but also does not have any damage, the entire road will become very clean. In fact, water jet cleaning is a kind of wet sand blasting technology, we know that in the use of sandblasting machine dry sand, garnet sandblasting abrasive can be used more quickly and efficiently, because of the high hardness, wear resistance, a sharp Angle. After adding garnet sandblast abrasive to the water jet, it can not only reduce the water pressure, but also greatly increase the friction force, and the effect will be better.

Second, green environmental protection construction is convenient. Using high pressure water jet cleaning technology, join garnet after sandblasting abrasive, can not only construction at any time, don't hand time, and now with the development of technology, also have very good equipment can be convenient to move. Green environmental protection changes at any time to achieve a variety of cleaning purposes.