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The application of pomegranate sand in wear-resisting floor.

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Emery wear-resisting floor is the floor industry in recent years to be bestowed favor on newly, its prominent advantages like the name: wear-resisting, but this feature is mainly derived from it in the common ground on the basis of increased aggregate - silicon carbide. However, according to the different carborundum used here, carborundum wear-resistant floor is also divided into metal type and non-metallic type. The non-metallic aggregates generally use natural emery garnet, which is commonly used in black and green. Although it made good effect, but the price is cheaper than it of quartz sand and so on are also used to pretend to be corundum aggregate, and some users just pursue cheap price, and ignore the we do what is the main purpose of the emery wear-resisting flooring, so we can't do anything else forget to beginner's mind. We should never forget our original intention. So, compared with quartz sand, why is the natural carborundum more suitable to be the aggregates of the floor at the end of emery?

1. The hardness of natural emery is large, which is the basic requirement of the aggregate. In terms of Numbers, the hardness of natural emery is between 6.5 and 7.5, while the quartz sand reaches 6.5, even if the price is not low.

2. It is better to use natural carborundum acid and alkali resistance, and the products of the sunshine garnet mining also contain aluminum oxide and titanium oxide, both of which are the causes of acid and alkali resistance.

3. Longer service life. The use of natural carborundum as an aggregate can make the emery sand - resistant west floor life longer, which is not more expensive than some of the time.