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Treatment of water treatment filter.

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Modern filter technology is constantly updated, with three layers of filter material filter and the spreading of the results of research, for the production of the technical and economic benefits is obvious, so is paid great attention to the water treatment industry home and abroad. But how do you choose this filter?

As the name suggests, the filter bed of the three-layer filter is composed of three layers of filter material. This filter has a large capacity of intercepting pollution and prevents the suspension from penetrating. The filtering speed is high, the water quality is good, and the filtration cycle is long.

The filter bed of three-layer filter material is usually composed of anthracite, quartz sand and magnetite (or garnet). The filter material of large diameter and small proportion is distributed in the upper layer. In the middle, the distribution of the filter material is in the middle, and the filter material of large proportion of small diameter is distributed in the lower layer. That is, the average particle size of three kinds of filter materials is lower and lower. This can make the section carrying capacity of filter bed get into full play, so the filtration cycle is long, and because of the lower layer of the filter material particle size is very small, thus for high turbidity or turbidity water adaptability to strengthen volatility into the water.