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Water knife sand needs moisture-proof.

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Water knife sand quality criteria, before the small make up have explored and the general water knife users, mainly concentrated in the following aspects: big, clean, no dust, uniform grain hardness without large particles, because these are the guarantee can have very good water knife cutting speed. In addition to these big aspects, there are many details that need to be noted, such as "attitude determines height, details determine success or failure", such as packaging and moisture-proof. We all know that water knife sand tube diameter is very small, in the actual water knife sand also must through sand tube and high speed flow mixture, to obtain high speed has a strong momentum for cutting processing etc. When judging the quality of water knife sand, the reason why we can't have large particles is this.

In addition to the problem of production itself, there may be a problem of large particles blocking the pipe, and there may be a flood of water knife sand, which may lead to small pieces. So in order to avoid this problem, it is also necessary to do the moisture-proof work. General attention should be paid to the following aspects:

1. When buying water knife sand, buy the products of regular manufacturers to ensure that the drying process is in place.

2. In the process of transportation, we should pay attention to the protection work, and do not have the problem of dampness or rain.

3. When using storage, place it in a dry environment, and use the remaining sand to clean it in time, so that the seal is well protected against moisture and moisture.