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Why are red pomegranate sand more expensive?

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The quality of knife sand has a great influence on the efficiency of cutting. The use of high quality water knife sand can improve the cutting efficiency, thus saving water and electricity labor and other costs. People familiar with the water knife industry know that when judging the quality of water knife sand, it can be judged according to color, and the price of water knife sand has a lot to do with color. Relatively speaking, red water knife sand is more expensive in all kinds of water knife sand, so why?

Because the water knife sand quality is mainly in two aspects. One is its own hardness, in the water knife sand raw material garnet stone, iron aluminium is zui good in hardness, and its color is red. So in general, red water knife sand has at least the advantage of hardness.

On the other hand, if the water knife sand has the hardness, no good production process, there will be dust and impurities. This is mainly in the production process such as magnetic water to wash does not reach the designated position, such as simply 1 through magnetic separation 2 times washed, due to the domestic water knife sand rock ore, if the production impurities and dust in this problem is very serious. Now can do three four magnetic screening 6 times of washing and four drying, so its products in a clean degree of rice has a lot of advantage, and in terms of raw materials, we use the deep underground without weathering iron and aluminum pomegranate ishihara ore. So there are advantages to hardness.

The so-called "one cent" goods, good products may feel more expensive when buying, but can improve efficiency in use, save water and electricity labor and other costs. And it's better to cut, so it's actually cheaper in practice. Although some products are purchased at a low price, such as water knife sand. But in the use of old and old is a problem, blocking sand, sand pipe explosion, not only reduce the cutting efficiency, but also increase the water knife depreciation and use cost. All the time, the worker's enthusiasm is affected, the cutting effect is not ideal, the customer is not satisfied, this caused the problem is big.