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Pomegranate sand has pushed water knife cutting technology to the extreme.

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Pomegranate sand water cutting has become an indispensable cutting mode in the industry. Compared with traditional cutting methods, water knife cutting is cutting speed faster, cutting the object's surface is smooth, there will be no side damage phenomenon, and the addition of garnet sand, but also to the acme of water knife cutting technology.

Garnet sand is a kind of natural mineral abrasive, it is a kind of water knife sand. There are many kinds of water knife sand, the most commonly used in addition to pomegranate sand is quartz sand and brown corundum. The hardness of quartz sand is too small, the speed is very slow when cutting things, and the cutting effect is not ideal. Brown fused alumina hardness is very big, but is also its weakness, loss of sand tube in the process of water cut is very large, and brown fused alumina is expensive, far higher than other abrasive, so gradually replaced by garnet sand.

Garnet sand hardness is between 7.5 and 8, cutting effect is good, fast, moderate price in the multiple edge features, grain, than big, reusable, is one of the current water knife cutting use most abrasive. Under the rapid thrust of water knife, the falling speed can achieve precise and rapid cutting. Using the pomegranate sand cutting glass of longmai mining, the slit is only 1 mm, the error is 0.01 mm, and the maximum possible reduction is wasted.